How to Improve the SEO of a Website?

There are three important things to improve Website SEO. Among others are;

Technical SEO[1]: This is a series of efforts to ensure a website can be crawled (termites) properly by search engine bots. In the right way. In the sense that what you want to appear on the search engine is also what the search engine sees. And what you don’t want to show, it shouldn’t be crawled so it doesn’t get in the search engine index.
On-page SEO[2]: This is a series of efforts to ensure that, your site has a structure that is both search engine and user friendly. Meeting quality standards, which is at the heart of having useful content for search engine users.
Off-page SEO[3]: It is about meeting the off-site signal factors that search engines take into account when ranking. The main thing is backlinks or links from outside sites. It also includes brand mentions, likes and shares on social media, and others.
These three main parts, in the SEO industry are referred to as search engine ranking factors. Google as one of the main goals of SEO (because it has the most users in the world), has around 200 ranking factors[4] that are taken into account.

Of these 200 factors, some have few credit points and some can have a big impact on website SEO. So my advice is you can focus on a few key elements that you’re most likely to do very well. Only after that, you can fulfill other supporting things.

I once wrote about; 9+ Most Important Google Ranking Factors For SEO[5]. You can read it if interested, as a first step to understand SEO deeper.

What I wrote, maybe just a little scratch the surface. From these basics, you can explore and do a little trial and error.

To be honest, there is no standard SEO technique. Any SEO tutorials or guides, are basically assumptions made based on individual experience.

Because, any search engine, never reveals the secret of how they actually rank. If anything, it’s just a grid that is essentially about how to improve a better user experience. Because the Google search engine focuses there.

Ensure the condition of the site and content; high quality and capable of providing a great experience for search engine users, is the key to SEO, according to Google.

Furthermore, you can increase your site’s authority by building a solid link building strategy. Both efforts to reach backlinks from external sites and managing links between pages on your site (including site navigation systems, such as links in menus, footers and sitebars).

Backlinks are the most important factor, after website content. Because in this way, search engines can more easily find, crawl and identify the contents of your website pages.

High-quality backlinks are how search engines, especially Google, view a site’s authority and popularity. So the more you have backlinks it counts as a vote; whether your site is considered important or not important.

That’s all, hope it helps..


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