How to Improve the SEO of a Website?

There are three important things to improve Website SEO. Among others are;

Technical SEO[1]: This is a series of efforts to ensure a website can be crawled (termites) properly by search engine bots. In the right way. In the sense that what you want to appear on the search engine is also what the search engine sees. And what you don’t want to show, it shouldn’t be crawled so it doesn’t get in the search engine index.
On-page SEO[2]: This is a series of efforts to ensure that, your site has a structure that is both search engine and user friendly. Meeting quality standards, which is at the heart of having useful content for search engine users.
Off-page SEO[3]: It is about meeting the off-site signal factors that search engines take into account when ranking. The main thing is backlinks or links from outside sites. It also includes brand mentions, likes and shares on social media, and others.
These three main parts, in the SEO industry are referred to as search engine ranking factors. Google as one of the main goals of SEO (because it has the most users in the world), has around 200 ranking factors[4] that are taken into account.

Of these 200 factors, some have few credit points and some can have a big impact on website SEO. So my advice is you can focus on a few key elements that you’re most likely to do very well. Only after that, you can fulfill other supporting things.

I once wrote about; 9+ Most Important Google Ranking Factors For SEO[5]. You can read it if interested, as a first step to understand SEO deeper.

What I wrote, maybe just a little scratch the surface. From these basics, you can explore and do a little trial and error.

To be honest, there is no standard SEO technique. Any SEO tutorials or guides, are basically assumptions made based on individual experience.

Because, any search engine, never reveals the secret of how they actually rank. If anything, it’s just a grid that is essentially about how to improve a better user experience. Because the Google search engine focuses there.

Ensure the condition of the site and content; high quality and capable of providing a great experience for search engine users, is the key to SEO, according to Google.

Furthermore, you can increase your site’s authority by building a solid link building strategy. Both efforts to reach backlinks from external sites and managing links between pages on your site (including site navigation systems, such as links in menus, footers and sitebars).

Backlinks are the most important factor, after website content. Because in this way, search engines can more easily find, crawl and identify the contents of your website pages.

High-quality backlinks are how search engines, especially Google, view a site’s authority and popularity. So the more you have backlinks it counts as a vote; whether your site is considered important or not important.

That’s all, hope it helps..


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Why are SEO Services Expensive?

If you think SEO services are expensive?

That’s right, yes.

But if you already understand SEO, then you will automatically know that there are actually no cheap and expensive words in SEO, only whether the price is realistic or not.

In my experience, a lot of needs in SEO are on off-page optimization (backlink creation). The process of making backlinks is also of many kinds, some are blocking bars, some are only a little and some are neat but neat. Well, if I am a prospective client, choose an SEO service that uses a neat strategy.

Keep in mind, that backlinks are like a double-edged sword. Good or bad depending on how the strategy. Bad backlinks can affect your website’s performance in search engines when Google’s algorithm develops.

That’s why I say that the price of SEO is neither cheap nor expensive, it’s just whether it’s realistic or not. Because the cheaper an SEO service is, of course it would be very unrealistic to use quality backlinks. And as I mentioned above, this backlink can become a boomerang that can actually hurt your website if done by spamming.

Remember, SEO is not just a matter of page one, but also how long it can last.

Beware Cheap And Guaranteed SEO Services

When you type the keyword “SEO services” on the Google search engine page, you will surely find there are lots of websites or sites.
When you type the keyword “SEO services” on the Google search engine page, you will surely find there are lots of websites or sites that offer site position optimization services on the first page of search engines, especially Google.
That is, you have to be more careful and observant in choosing a cheap and guaranteed SEO service provider. Mistakes in choosing incompetent SEO services will result in your website being thrown off the Google search page. You don’t want that to happen to your business website, do you? Here are some tips for choosing the right SEO services that you need to know.

Tips for Choosing Cheap and Guaranteed SEO Services

Can be found in Google Search Engine

The first tip in choosing cheap and guaranteed SEO services is to ensure that the website or site of the service provider can be found on the Google search engine. It doesn’t have to be in the first position of search engines, but at least their website is on the first or second page for the keyword “SEO services”. Keep in mind, a trusted SEO service company will certainly have a team consisting of people who have a good reputation.

Offer Reasonable Price

It is important to always be vigilant and be careful with service providers who offer prices that are too low, or even very expensive. Cheap prices are very tempting for some people, because it is human nature to always want something cheap so they only spend a little money for their needs. While high prices can affect one’s mind, because many think that high prices must be of good quality too.
In fact, the price is not a reliable benchmark when choosing an SEO service provider. It’s a good idea to make a comparison and choose an SEO service that offers reasonable prices.

See Testimonials Provided by Customers

Testimonials from customers are important things to consider before making a decision. But it must also be remembered, there are several SEO service providers that create fake testimonials on their websites. You certainly shouldn’t be easily trapped by this form of testimonial. Make sure the existing testimonials really come from real people.
One way to make sure the testimonial is true from someone who has used the services of the SEO provider you will choose is to contact the owner of the testimonial directly or see the website of the testimonial giver.

Service Providers Willing to Perform Website Analysis

Professional SEO service providers will definitely be happy to provide a free short analysis service regarding the level of competition for the keywords you want to target. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that the service provider is willing to provide these services. That way, you can also find out the level of difficulty that exists.
Paying attention to the appearance of the service provider’s website
The wise way to choose the next SEO service is by paying attention to the appearance of the website or service provider site. Be sure to choose a service with an easily accessible website. If you find an SEO service website that is often down or loading very heavily, you definitely need to ask. The reason is that loading a heavy or long website will usually affect SEO.

Not Giving Excessive Promises

It is undeniable, in the Google search engine, many SEO service providers say that with their services the customer’s website can be the first number in the Google search engine. Obviously this is a pseudo-promise. You certainly don’t believe it right away if you find a service provider who says this. Because the ranking of a website in the Google search engine is influenced by many factors.
Well, those are some tips for choosing cheap and guaranteed SEO services that you need to know. It would be nice if you really need SEO services, you contact a top Indonesian digital agency that already has a name and is trusted to get the best service. Hope the information is useful.


SEMrush vs Moz Pro. Competition 2 SEO Tools. Which Tokositus Chooses?
Are Moz or SEMrush keyword tools more accurate?
Tokowebsite works with many online businesses to improve their rankings. Day after day, Tokositus must use the best tools to get the job done. That’s when we ran into the issue of which tool is better, SEMrush vs Moz Pro.

These two tools are the most respected and recognized online tools in the SEO world. Both are pretty comprehensive in what they can do, but since their many features come together, we had to decide which one to use.

It was a tough decision because both tools have so much to offer, but we decided on SEMrush. The following article will provide an honest comparison on each of the main features of an SEO tool.

We are not sponsored by any of the companies so this is a transparent comparison and review of SEO tools, plus an explanation of why we made the decisions we did.

SEMrush Keyword vs Moz Keyword Explorer Review
Our SEMrush keyword research tool is called the Steady Keyword Tool.

These two keyword tools provide hundreds of suggestions on keywords to target, such as Moz’s. But it was clearly built starting with a PPC (Pay Per-Click) perspective. For example, these tools will generate keyword ideas based on keywords that Sitestore input and SiteStore can filter by broad match, phrase match, or exact word match, word count, statement or question, words starting with, words ending, keywords it contains, keywords it doesn’t contain, or word difficulty.

Surprisingly, this is actually an advantage because those filter options are quite useful and other tools don’t usually offer these filters.

Moz’s tool, called Keyword Explorer, is just as powerful. This will give you several hundred keyword ideas based on the initial phrase you typed.

Moz’s filtering is arguably more powerful, as it allows Tokosituss to sort by several innovative methods, including “related keywords with similar search results”, “closely related topics”, “widely related topics”, “only include keywords with all terms query ”, and “mix of sources”.

The only drawback that only constant use will find is that this tool (Moz) is not always accurate. Such creative filtering options require a qualitative algorithm and that’s hard to get right.

Moz, in filtering by similar search results, for example, seems like a preferred and unique way to find SEO keyword ideas, but the results that come up are often less than ideal. The site shop gets related terms that are not always relevant.

Both of these tools are roughly suitable for this area (filter by search results). Moz has the slight advantage of being able to replace inaccurate filters with search volume accuracy.

Google’s Keyword Planner tool does the trick by aggregating the average searches per month of closely related search phrases, synonyms, and plurals and singulars. The problem is failing to pick up search volume on keywords that have little volume (10 per month is usually the threshold at which this inaccuracy occurs) or exaggerating by lumping too many things together.

Moz Pro displays its own unique search volume for each keyword, clearly separating each related keyword into its own search volume for more accurate images. The siteshop pegs Moz’s search volume slightly more accurately than SEMrush.