What is the Market Price of Creating a Website?

Starting from the design, does the client already have his own design or not? if so then there is no design price.
After that, how many features does this client want? This greatly affects the use of tools for making the web page and processing time
How long does the client want to make? usually there are rules made by the web creator himself, if you want fast time with good quality, the price will be more expensive, if you want a long time with good quality, the price will be cheaper. for the quality we consider the quality provided is very good
Lastly, does the client want maintenance to be managed by the programmer or from the client himself? if you want to be set by the programmer then there will be additional costs again, because the manufacturing and maintenance services are different (depending on the manufacturer’s policy)
How much should I spend to create a website?

Starting from 0 rupiah to hundreds of millions of rupiah per year.


Domain names ride on other people’s domains, for example blogspot, usually data storage space is included.

Pros: Easy and fast to make, no cost.
Weaknesses: the domain name clearly looks like a free domain. Although websites can be made dynamic and professional-looking with various tricks, customization is limited. You most likely can’t manage the database yourself, for example.

Around IDR 20,000 to IDR 400 thousand per year

Buy your own domain, but the website uses a free platform like blogspot. Be careful not to be fooled. Domain prices vary, the purchase price for the first year is often misleading, because the cost of domain renewal can be many times the price for the first year.

Pros: Looks more professional because it uses its own domain. Don’t spend money on server rent to store data.
Weaknesses: Customization still depends on the platform provider.

Around IDR 500 thousand to hundreds of millions of rupiah per year (billions, if you buy your own server in your own building)

Buy your own domain + rent a server (or buy your own server).

Pros: Everything is under your control.

Weaknesses: More expensive. You have to maintain your own platform. A lot of time can be wasted if there is a problem with your platform. Again, the price of 500 thousand is relative, because cheap domains can go up in price in the following year. The cost will increase according to the amount of data quota and server storage space and memory used. If your website is visited by millions of visitors, you have to spend more money.

If you buy your own server, then the cost of server maintenance (electricity and hardware replacement and building rent) becomes a burden for you. Second, you still have to think about the cost of renting bandwidth to the ISP.

All these costs do not take into account staff salaries and software development costs as the company progresses.