Why are SEO Services Expensive?

If you think SEO services are expensive?

That’s right, yes.

But if you already understand SEO, then you will automatically know that there are actually no cheap and expensive words in SEO, only whether the price is realistic or not.

In my experience, a lot of needs in SEO are on off-page optimization (backlink creation). The process of making backlinks is also of many kinds, some are blocking bars, some are only a little and some are neat but neat. Well, if I am a prospective client, choose an SEO service that uses a neat strategy.

Keep in mind, that backlinks are like a double-edged sword. Good or bad depending on how the strategy. Bad backlinks can affect your website’s performance in search engines when Google’s algorithm develops.

That’s why I say that the price of SEO is neither cheap nor expensive, it’s just whether it’s realistic or not. Because the cheaper an SEO service is, of course it would be very unrealistic to use quality backlinks. And as I mentioned above, this backlink can become a boomerang that can actually hurt your website if done by spamming.

Remember, SEO is not just a matter of page one, but also how long it can last.


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